Taiheizan "Chronicle" Shingetsu Junmai 720ml

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Funky packaged entry level sake from Taiheizan in Akita. Made in tradition labour intensive 'kimoto' method. This is made for the cold weather and is enjoyed best hot, but being a high quality junmai we appreciated its taste cold as well. (We conduct extensive research after work here at SuperSake). 

Punches well above its weight this one. Try it. We think you'll like it.


The Specs

Brewery: Kodama Shuzo
Brand: Taiheizan
Region: Akita
Classification: Junmai
Item Code: TAH-12
%ALC/VOL: 15%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 8.5
Rice: Miyamanishiki
Rice Polishing Rate: 59%
SMV: +2
Acidity: 1.7
Serving Temperature Tip: Warmed best, room temp and cold OK.

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