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New Sake container arriving Monday

As of this date, 17th December 2017, we are awaiting the imminent arrival of our next refrigerated container from japan. For people who read this blog, and we're not really sure if anyone does, it's a great time to buy. The sake is fresh and the prices are better given the relative weakness of the yen recently to the Australian dollar.

We have struggled to keep up with supplies of some sakes, in particular Hourai Hidanotambo, Irrotok and from Kinmon, the famous X3 Rose. Well, they are here now. Get them now if you have been waiting. It's not Kubota or Tedorigawa or even Dassai but we think these are even better.

And remember, if you want to buy sake in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or the rest of Australia, SuperSake is where you should look first. 

Kampai for the Christmas season. We will enjoy it. Actually we have been blessed by the generosity of Yamaguchi beer boss Hirofumi Nakagawa who has graciously provided us with 5 Yamaguchi beer kegs to test the Australian market. One of stout, pale ale, weizen and pilsner. But for us here at SuperSake and for our Christmas party we have been blessed by his generosity of a keg of 'Momobiiru or 'Peach beer'. Don't turn your nose up at it. It's great. We will enjoy it. And if you want to have a taste come by Tsunami at 18 Glyde st Mosman Park on Christmas day, 2017, and if we haven't finished it we will give you a free beer and invite you to feed at our table.

Merry Christmas everyone. And all the best for the new year.

Supersake in Sydney