These are seasonal, strong flavoured, uncommon and recommended for those who want something unique. 

Because they need to be kept at under 5°C they are only available at our store in Mosman Park. For store pickup come to 18 Glyde street Tsunami (we share a shop front with Tsunami restaurant) from 4-10:30pm.
Email: if you want an earlier pickup time. We can arrange special pickups by appointment from 1pm.

Unpasteurized (nama), undiluted (genshu) or unfiltered (muroka) (or all 3). Gen-shu is raw, undiluted, rich and full-bodied sake. Most sake is diluted with water after brewing to lower the alcohol content from 18-20% down to 14-16%, but ‘Gen-shu’ is not.

Nama is unpasteurised sake. Nigori is roughly filtered sake, with sediment apparent, ‘usu’ nigori, less so, almost like a ‘cloudy’ Coopers beer. Muroka means unfiltered.