Baeren Pear cider (Perry)

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Baeren Pear cider (Perry / Momo-cider)
'Natural' / minimal intervention pear cider made from 100% local Iwate 'Momo' (pears). No added water or colouring agents.

6.0% (3.4 std drinks)

Japanese brewers are experienced in making pear based alcohol for many years — witness the various 'momoshu' in Japan including our own very popular Yoikigen momoshu. But a momo / pear based cider is very rare. This momo cider has a limited production and is made only once a year and usually sells out quite quickly but we have managed to procure a small amount for our web store and one Perth restaurant. Unfortunately this product will not be available in other stores (we will not sell in wholesale channels).

Dry fresh crisp taste. Would suit a variety of dishes including grilled fish, cooked spanner crabs, sushi, chicken roasted or poached, rice paper rolss and fish cakes.

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