Yamada Shoten

Yamada Shoten Tamakashiwa Junmaigenshu Natsuneko Label 1800ml


Yamada Shoten. We all love the Mukashi no Manma. Its distinctive 900ml bottle that looks like a longneck beer bottle is iconic. But they also make some distinctive sake and we decided to import some. It’s name is ‘Tamakashiwa Junmaigenshu Natsuneko’. We haven’t tasted it yet but any sake that has got a cat in its name has got us.


The Specs

Description: SAKE
Capacity: 1800ml
Item code: YAM-03
Alcohol Percentage; 17% 
Standard drinks: 24.2 std drinks
Polishing Rate: 55%
Place of Production: Gifu, Japan

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