Koshu Yamabuki 10YO 720ml


Finely Aged Vintage Sake is made over long ageing periods ranging from 10 to over 20 years. This liquor has been winning the gold medal at IWC 6 times in a row.

Fresh acidity with a solid soft mouthfeel and aged taste. Aroma of orange peel and apricot confit, spicy aroma and floral like white lily, with a the lingering finish.

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The Specs

Brand: Kinmon
Region: Akita
Classification: Sake (Vintage Sake)
Item Code: KIN-08
Alcohol 14.5% (7.96 standard drinks)
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 7.96
Ingredients: Rice (Kiyonishiki) Rice-malt, Brown sugar                                                          Polishing rate 70%
How to Drink: Cold on the rocks, or neat at room temperature. 

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