Imada Junmai Ginjo Hattanso 1800ml

Imada Fukucho Hattan-so Junmai Daiginjo

Made from Hiroshima’s historic sake rice, Hattan-so, revived from near extinction by our current President and Master Brewer back in 2001. This sake utilises the natural characteristics of the rice to create a daiginjo with gentle flavours and a clean, sharp finish. As a creative decision, we also used Yamada-Nishiki rice to make both the koji and the yeast starter (Hattan-so comprises around 80% of the total rice used).

As for production, this sake was brewed during the peak of winter by the “low and slow” pattern of fermentation for which our home region of Akitsu, Hiroshima is famous for. We also use only local Hiroshima yeast for our ginjo products which are perfectly suited to the aforementioned style of brewing.

The aromatics are, of course, on the high side compared to our other products, however not so much that they get in the way of food pairings. As a result, this sake is more than just the aperitif that is so often the primary role of daiginjo. We recommend serving with grilled fish and vegetables, with olive oil, and even vinegar, dressings making a great match.

Hattan-so Junmai Daiginjo 50 was included in Robert Parker’s Sake Rating Project book in 2016 receiving a score of 90 points.

The Specs

Description: SAKE
Classification: Junmai Daiginjo
Capacity: 1800ml
Item code: IM-20
Alcohol Percentage; 16% 
Standard drinks: 22.7 std drinks
Place of Production: Hiroshima, Japan
Rice: Hattanso
Drink recommend: Cold

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