Kounotsukasa Ghin Kimoto 720ml


Kounotsukasa. Kounotsukasa and Supersake go back quite a while. It was the 2nd sake brewery that we imported from in Japan. We remember air freighting out 200 kilos of their sake because we didn't have enough sake for a refrigerated container and Shibata san would not let us ship in a dry container because it would damage his sake open brackets we agree, we wish the other importers would do the same]. Anyway, times changed, the dollar dived, and we didn’t import any for a while. But recently they have a new president and the reigning toji is passing on the mantle to a younger woman protégé who eventually will succeed him. (We can talk about that another day) but we are happy to import more of their yuzushu with its adorable label based on a manga of his daughter which will vary over time.

The other sake that we are importing again are the two types of sake, the Ghin ‘kimoto’ and Ghin ‘yamahai’. These are fine sake made using the two ancient styles (which we will explain at a later date). They also happened to be genshu and they also happen to be very very good heated to 50°C (atsukan style) and have won many heated sake awards in Aichi prefecture. We look forward to getting to know these fine sake again and hope you also will .

The Specs

Description SAKE
Capacity 720ml
Item code: KNTKS-21
Alcohol Percentage 17% (9.65 std drinks)
Ingredients Rice, Gohyakumangoku
Polishing Rate 70%
SMV + 4.5
Place of Production Aichi, Japan

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