Imada Fukucho Legacy 500ml


Very limited edition sake using 3 stage mashing method (Sandan-Jikomi) with water from 3rd stage replaced with competition spec Yamada Nishiki daiginjo which was pressed using the expensive ‘shizuku’ method (where the sake from moromi is not pressed using a yabuta or fune but put in a bag and allowed to drip slowly into containers). It has big impact on production cost but brings exceptional flavour.

The Specs
Brewery: Imada Brewery Co.,Ltd  
Place of Production: Japan
Classification: Sake
Ingredients: Rice, koji, water
Rice: Local Hiroshima
%ALC/VOL: 16%
Net Volume: 500ml
Standard Drinks: 6.3
Serve: Cold. 5-10°C
Item code: IM-15


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