Eikoh Laugh with SAKE Daiginjo 720ml


Eiko show sakes. Eiko shuzo from Matsuyama, Ehime is our go to producer for yuzushu and umeshu. But did you know they also make sake? And pretty good sake at that. This year their ‘Laugh with Sake’ was a platinum award winner in the 2020 London Sake Challenge, no mean feat. And we have some coming in our next shipment arriving shorty and available to taste in the upcoming sake matsuri at tsunami in late July.

Also some of their sake we imported was show grade ‘daiginjo’ (not Junmai) – it has a small amount of jozo alcohol added to lighten the body and make the aroma more gentle. We are pleased to add these to our list. Only available in WA and limited in quantity. Come to the July sake show at Tsunami to taste.

World award winning sake from Matsuyama.

The Specs

Description: Sake
Classification: Daiginjo
Capacity: 720ml
Polish rate: 35%.
Alcohol Percentage: 16%
Standard Drinks: 9.10 std drinks
Item Code: EIK-30
Place of Production: Ehime, Japan

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