Masumi AKA red 真朱 Junmai Ginjo 300ml

Masumi / Miyasaka Brewing Company. We have always admired Masumi sake. And now we have the great privilege and honour to bring in a small amount of their nihonshu. In 1946, Masumi swept the top awards at the regional and national sake appraisals, which got the attention of the brewing institute’s yeast scientist, Dr. Shoichi Yamada. Dr. Yamada visited the brewery and confirmed the presence of a very fine yeast in the fermentation vats. Masumi’s yeast was named “Brewing Association Yeast Number Seven”, and it soon became the favourite of brewers across the nation. Even today, number seven is the most widely used sake yeast in the world.

We have brought in the newest range of their sake which quite frankly excites us and we can’t wait to imbibe it ourselves again. They are divided up into four colours. Red, Black, White and Brown. (Aka, Kuro, Shiro and Kaya). Here is a description from their web site of each.

AKA is named for the vermillion colour of official stamps used throughout Asia from antiquity.

AKA is bright on the surface yet deep, brewed as a yamahai for complexity, with subtle fruit and dairy aromas and a refreshing acidity underpinned by savory umami.

{ Food pairing suggestions }

Dark meat fish, grilled & roasted meats with robust sauces, stewed mushrooms, roasted root vegetables, aged cheese


The Specs

Name: AKA Red
Type: Junmai Ginjo Yamahai
Capacity: 300ml
Standard drinks: 3.55
Item code: MAS-03
Ingredients: Water, rice, koji, yeast
Rice: Miyama Nishiki, Hitogokochi (both Nagano Pref.)
Polishing rate: 55%
Yeast: Masumi No. 7
Alcohol: 15%
SMV: +/-0.0
Acidity: 2.2
Amino acidity: 1.3
Serving temperature: Best warm, good chilled

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