Taiheizan Chogetsu Nama 720ml - Perth pickup only or Express Post


 “Chogetsu” Junmai Ginjo is now available in Nama !

This muroka nama genshu (un-carbon fined, unpasteurized, undiluted) Chogetsu is available as a limited seasonal product from Kodama Jozo. It is very aromatic with hints of white flowers, apple and citrus fruits. There is also a slight hint of anise from Kimoto lactic in the acidity of this Nama. Silky smooth, mouth watering fullness on pallet with crisp finish. Always store refrigerated and serve chilled in wine or sake glasses.

Food pairing: All alone. Aperitif with fresh oysters, boiled/grilled lobsters, shrimp cocktail. Sushi, grilled seafood and meat. Teppanyaki, Roast beef.

As this product is 'nama' (unpasteurised) it is only available for pickup at SuperSake's store in Perth (18 Glyde street Mosman Park) or by Express Shipping (not included even in orders over $150). 

The Specs

Brewery: Kodama Shuzo
Brand: Taiheizan
Region: Akita
Classification: Junmai Ginjo
Item Code: TAH-32
%ALC/VOL: 17%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 9.65
Rice: Sake Komachi
Rice Polishing Rate: 55%
SMV: +3.7
Acidity: 2.0
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold best, room temp OK.

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