Yamaguchi Yamadanishiki 330ml


Yamaguchi beer is made using Yamadanishiki rice which is usually used for premium sake. The Esthetic and phenolic aromas and flavours are known to dominate, You will enjoy the mellow and mouthfeel derived from the wheat. It has a strong aroma which is described to be like a ripe apple and light acidity, along with a clove-like aroma which wraps around it nicely. The bitterness from the hops is not felt at all, it is a beer that will allow you to enjoy drinking two to three glasses of it. It’s known to have a soft sweetness that accentuates, which will give you a unique taste with each drink you have. You will also get to enjoy the nice fruity aroma.

World Beer Awards 2018 World's Best Rice Beer Awards 
Rice in the world in the beer sector

Happoshu - uses sake yeast
Bitterness ★★ ☆☆☆ - IBU 15
Alcohol 7.5% ( 1.95 std drinks)
Recommended temperature range: 10 to 16 ℃


The sake scent it great for enhancing food, it goes well with sashimi - white fish, sushi, and unglazed vegetables.  You will enjoy a monotonous and distinctive taste, during your dining experience. Regardless of the saltiness, with steamed mussels and escabesh.

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