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Hourai Ginjo Dentou Karakuchi 720mL

Hourai Ginjo Dentou Karakuchi 720mL

  • $4760

A mellow and rice graced aroma. Our premium selection captures the very essence of Hourai; this full body, tasty vintage sake is reminiscent of the Hida culture, fostered by drinking warm sake to fend off the harsh winter. With notable spice to lift you up when warmed.

Devine paired with oysters.

The Specs

Brewery: Watanabe Brewery Co.,Ltd.
Brand: Hourai
Region: Hida, Gifu 
Classification: Ginjo
Item Code: HORAI-18
%ALC/VOL: 15.5%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 8.8
Rice: Hida Homare
Rice Polishing Rate: 55%
SMV: +6
Serving Temperature Tip: Chilled & warm

Sweet - Dry

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