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Gozenshu Bodaimoto Tokubetsu junmai murokanamasake nakatori

Gozenshu Bodaimoto Tokubetsu junmai murokanamasake nakatori

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This nama (unpasteurised) sake is muroka also which means unfiltered. It is well priced. It is made using the local region's rice, 'akebon' (literally meaning 'sunrise'). Nakatori means 'middle' and this is taken from the middle of the tank so it is very pure and 'clean'.

It has a savoury characteristic with the freshness of nama. Full flavour because it has not been through a charcoal filter. You could even heat this and eat with savoury dishes. We enjoyed it with cheese. 

Very limited (1.8L).

This product needs to be picked up from Perth store. (1.8L bottle pictured). Please do not order if you are from Sydney, Melbourne etc. 

The Specs

Brewery: Tsuji Co.,Ltd.
Brand: Gozenshu
Region: Okayama
Classification: Junmai
Item Code: GZNS-37
%ALC/VOL: 16%
Net Volume: 1.8L
Standard Drinks: 22
Rice: Omachi
Rice Polishing Rate: 70%
SMV: +2
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold is a must.

Sweet - Dry

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