Gozenshu Junmai Nama Genshu Bodaimoto Nigori 720ml - Perth pickup only


 Unpasteurised sake for Perth delivery only. Must be kept at 5°C. 

Partially filtered leaving some of the rice lees still in the bottle, this sake is zesty/lively flavoured and has a slightly chewy texture. An ancient bodaimoto method has been used to make this sake, which tends to yield slightly earthier and sourer sake. A fresh fragrance and a sweet and sour flavour with notes of zesty lemon, passion fruit and pepper.


The Specs

Brewery:Tsuji Co.,Ltd.
Brand: Gozenshu
Classification: Junmai Nigori
Item Code: GZNS-39
%ALC/VOL: 17.5%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 9.9
Rice: Omachi
Rice Polishing Rate: 65%
SMV: -6
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold best, room temp ok.



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