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Hourai Mushusei Genshu Junmai

Hourai Mushusei Genshu Junmai

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Special limited release from Watanabe shuzo and only available at their store in Hida Furakawa, this 'genshu' junmai sake is polished 40% and has a strong 'masculine' rice flavour. It's dry and would suit heating, best in our opinion at 'nurukan' rather than atsukan. It is also very good cold, around 10°C we believe. 

We're not sure what's going on with the labeling but you can always ask someone Japanese to explain. (We asked but still didn't understand the explanation). As this is usually only available at the shuzo we feel very honoured to sell it here at SuperSake.

The Specs

Brewery: Watanabe Brewery Co,.Ltd
Brand: Hourai
Region: Hida, Gifu
Classification: Junmai Genshu
Item Code: HORAI25
%ALC/VOL: 17%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 9.7
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing Rate: 40%
SMV: unknown
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold and warmed slightly.

Sweet - Dry

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