Kinmon X3 Rose 300ml


New 300ml stars from Kinmon. We have all grown to love the sake from kinmon. The X3 rose, X3 junmai, X3 pink, and now there is an X3 Blanc. They are available in an affordable handy 300 ml format so that you can buy all four and taste them at your leisure. Our favourite is still the X3 rose.

We taste it again and again and we are sure that there is a tiny slight introduced amount of koshu sake blended into it. Much like there is a small amount of viogner in a shira blend (even 3% makes a difference). The X3 rose would be our second most popular selling sake. With these bottles you will be able to try the range. Available only in WA. Or through the sake store.


The Specs

Item code: KIN-10
Alcohol percentage: 15% ABV
Standard drinks: 3.55 std drinks

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