Kirin Fujisanroku Tarujuku 50 whisky

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'Cask strength'. Rated 92/100.

Silky Smoothness and spreading aroma, the gift from Mt. Fuji. Kudos to the distillers at Kirin for pioneering this non-chill filtration at this price point.

"... In any case, none of this is news so we wo't linger on it too much. Asked to single out some highlights of the past year, here are our picks of best whatever that means, we won get into that!  Japanese whiskies of 2016:
Best Blended Whisky: Kirin Fuji-sanroku 50 Non-Chillfiltered"
(From Nonjatta Blog - which is we think 
the most comprehensive source on the Japanese whisky scene in English).

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From "Nonjatta" ... "It is bottled at 50%abv and this is actually very close to vatting strength. Filling strength (the abv at which new spirit is filled into casks) is unusually low at Fuji Gotemba 50.5% for malt, 55.5% for heavy-grain and 62.5% for medium- and light-type grain so when the components are vatted, the strength isnt far off the 50% mark. Because there is very little dilution involved and because it is bottled higher than most standard whiskies in that price range, the risk of clouding when water or ice is added to a dram (which is the main reason why whiskies are chill-filtered) is very low. Producers who chill-filter their products maintain there is little or no difference. The folks at Kirin ran tests and found that there was a noticeable difference. Maybe in a smoky bar late at night one wouldn't notice, but in peace and quiet, one would. In the chill-filtered version, the sweet top notes weren't as bright and it had less body, as well. We applaud the folks at Kirin for pioneering non-chillfiltration at this level and hope that some of the other big boys in the industry will follow suit. Of course, there have been NC releases from other Japanese distillers before, but these were one-offs or special editions. The new Fujisanroku 50℃ is the first generally and permanently available, entry-level NC Japanese blended whisky that is not chill-filtered ...

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