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Koshigoi Ginjo Jikomi plum wine 720mL

Koshigoi Ginjo Jikomi plum wine 720mL

  • $4200

This special hand made plum wine with unmistakable flavour is hand made with highly polished (40%) ginjo sake. Most plum wine is made with shochu. This isn't. It is made with nihonshu and not only that but it is made with highly polished rice which gives it a lighter purer and smoother flavour. 

Possesses almond meal aromas. It has fresh lengthy texture with subtle marzipan, maraschino cherry, plum. Recommended to have with crushed ice.

Very good quality, very well priced. (Remember it's 720ml. Many others are 650 and 500ml).

The Specs

Brewery: Yoshino Shuzo
Brand: Koshigoi
Region: Chiba
Classification: Umeshu
Item Code: KGO-12
%ALC/VOL: 11.5%
Net Volume: 720mL
Standard Drinks: 6.53
Ingredients: Plum, Ginjo Sake (Gohyakumangoku)
Serving Temperature Tip: Straight, with ice/soda or mix

Sweet - Dry

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