Kuheji Junmai Ginjo Kamoshibito

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This wine-like ginjo is intensely fruity, plush and smooth. Displaying strawberries and cream, watermelon, ripe fruit, it's rich umami and aroma can be found on different level with satisfying end. This is a very fresh and textural sake with fruity notes particularly great with seafood or, on its own as an aperitif. Similar to the pure taste of Dassai but we think you will enjoy this more.

From the 'rock star' of the sake world. We have only a few bottles left. Aged at 5°C for many years. One of the pioneers of 'Domaine' style sake in Japan. 


The Specs

Brewery: Banjo Shuzo
Brand: Kamoshibito Kuheji
Region: Aichi
Classification: Junmai Ginjo
Item Code: KH1
%ALC/VOL: 16.5%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 8.8
Rice: Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing Rate: 50%
SMV: +1
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold, room temp



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