Miyoshikiku Nihonbare Shinsyu Shiboritate Nama Origarami 1.8L - Perth pickup only


This product needs to be picked up from Perth store as it is 'nama' (unpasteurised).

PLEASE DO NOT ORDER THIS IF YOU LIVE IN SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, BRISBANE OR ANY OTHER CITY IN AUSTRALIA EXCEPT PERTH. (Unfortunately being unpasteurised it will go off by the time it reaches you).

One of the best tasting sakes we tasted last year. This is one of the works of art of master toji and rule breaker Mamiya san of Miyoshikiku. It's nama, aged 12 months, and when you heat it the flavour it has is beyond words, at least for us. Stored at 5°C. To heat please heat until 47°C. It will still be unpasteurised as this occurs at 62°C. 

Well recommended. 


The Specs

Serving Temperature Tip: warmed
Item Code: MIK27

%ALC/VOL: 16.0%
Net Volume: 1800ml
Standard Drinks: 22.7
Serving Temperature Tip:

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