Niida Honke

Niida Honke Kijoshu 2020 720ml


Niida-Honke Brewery founded in 1711 create sustainable organic sake. Hyakunen Kijoshu is a luxurious sake that is brewed with Kijoshu from the previous year instead of water.

It is a sake that began to be made in 2011, 300 years after the brewery was founded. From the brewery of the eighteenth generation to the brewery 100 years later, Kijoshu, which will continue to live for the next 100 years, is velvety and sweet.


The Specs

Brand: Niida Honke 
Classification: SAKE
Item Code: NI-08
%ALC/VOL: 16%
Standard drinks: 9.1
Net Volume: 720ml
Ingredients: Rice, Koji
Rice polishing rate: 80%
Serving Temp: Cold & Warm



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