Senkin Classic Muku 720ml



Senkin Sake Shuzo located in Tochigi just north of Japan is one of the most sought after and progressive sake brewers in Japan today. We are excited to have been chosen to distribute their sake in Australia.

Senkin, a 200-year-old brewery, has turned conventional sake wisdom on its head with a tart, fruity sake offering the palate-cleansing crispness of a German Gevürtztraminer. It has pure, clear, sparkling acidity with a refined texture.

The brainchild of Usui Kazuki. His fans like to call him the “alchemist of acid.”

Excellent with French cuisine, tempura, wagyu beef.

The Specs

Brewery: Senkin
Brand: Domaine Senkin
Region: Tochigi
Classification: Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Genshu
Item Code: SEN-03
%ALC/VOL: 14%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 7.95
Rice: Domaine Sakura Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing Rate: 60%
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold best

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