Senkin Kamosu 720ml



Kamosu ‚Immortal Wing,

Premium Senkin sake is a delight. Aromas of grape, white flower, nectarine. A heady experience.

The three varietals are Yamada Nishiki (polished to 7%), Kame no O (polished to 35%) and Omachi (polished to 40%). These are fermented separately and brewed and then at the end blended (much as you would a wine) under the expert tasting of the Usui brothers. Using the ‚Domaine‚ method, everything is gathered from local surroundings (5 minutes from the brewery by car). Paired suggestions would be uni (sea urchin roe), salmon  saturated in butter with a touch of teriyaki added at the end, and miso and sake kasu marinated Patagonian toothfish.
Awarded first place in Japan‚2018 Sake competition.

The Specs

Description: Sake
Brewery: Senkin
Region: Tochigi
Item Code: SEN-04
Alcohol Percentage 15% (8.52 std drinks)
Standard drinks: 8.52
Ingredients: Rice, Koji, Water
Rice: Yamada Nishiki, Kame no o, Omachi
Net Volume: 720ml
Rice: Domaine Sakura Yamadanishiki
How to drink: Cold Best

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