Tsurimi Daiginjo Gazan 300ml



Awarded the Gold & People's choice award at the Australian
Sake Association 2022 Awards held in Sydney.

fruits like green apples, scent of lotus flowers, freshly made rice cakes.
Taste: With a mellow attack, you can feel a slight refined acidity. Suitable dishes: Sashimi of white fish such as hiramasa, snapper

The Specs

Brewery: Tsurumi Shuzo Co.,Ltd
Brand: Tsurimi
Region: Tsushima City, Aichi, Japan
Classification: Sake
Item Code: TSR-04
%ALC/VOL: 16%
Ingredients: Rice, koji, jozo alcohol, water
SMV: +3
Net Volume: 300ml
Standard Drinks: 3.8
Rice Polishing Rate: 40%
How to drink: 5°C to 15°C

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