Kounotsukasa - Aichi - Pure water

Aichi hills, purst water.


History & Philosophy.

(This has been roughly translated from their manifesto. Please excuse the rough translation).

Since 1830 Kounotsukasa has been making nihonshu.

This place of name is Kanzui. 神水 
Kanzui (神水) means Water of God.

Around the shuzo it is heavily forested – so much lush greenery, clear and fresh air, pure clean water, derived from a spring up in the place of our shuzo. You can see and taste it when you come.

This well water is the most soft in Japan. And all the sake of Kounotsukasa is made from this pure water.

The temperature is suitable for sake brewing .The altitude of Kura is higher than Nagoya and the town of Okazaki. (Editor's note: the climate is cold, similar to that of Canberra in Australia. Makes for a different style sake).

 Kounotsukasa means that a kindly son treats well his parents.

‘Kou’ means piety.

Many years ago there was a very dutiful son who gave his ill  father the pure  water of the region, and although quite sick the father gradually gradually recovered through this pure water.

The name of Kounotsukasa was made by this story by the now deceased owner.

Sake of Kounotsukasa is popular  around this town. It is primarily a ‘local sake’.

Our philosophy is very simple.

Have good quality in all things.

Use the best materials and cooperate in your hearts.

Use the best rice , best water , best labour of the hands and mind in this natural and beautiful environment.

We make sake so that people may enjoy it greatly and say ‘delicious!’Then we believe we will be making sake forever.

Sake range of Kounotsukasa including junmai ginjo, daiginjo etc

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