Italian food and Sake at the Re Store Leederville

On Saturday Haruna and I (Brett) went to the Re Store in Leederville to do a sake tasting. We set up a stall and gave away free sake samples matched with shaved prosciutto, reggiano cheese and two other cheeses, one 'normal' and one 'blue'.

It was very educational. For us. Many of the people coming into the store had never had sake before. And some had had it once a long time ago and thought it unpleasant. We were able to show them that if you get the right one it can taste very nice. One guy, an Italian butcher, said "This sake has blown my &%^%$ mind!" Well alright ...

The nihonshu (sake) we had on offer (most of which is sold at the Re Store) was Kaiun Junmai (very nice warmed - we had a hot water bath with us), Hourai Hida no Tambo (we call it 'Tambo'), Hourai Hatsugumi, Koshigoi Junmai and Junmai Ginjo, Kounotsukasa Sasayuri no sato, and Gassan Itsumo (Pink) Junmai Ginjo. 

 Sake at Re Liquor store Leederville Western Australia

It's amazing how well the sake went with the Italian food. The umami of the cheese greatly suited the Kaiun and Hatsugumi. The Hida no Tambo went well with the finely sliced prosciutto. 

Leederville is a great place with a vibe somewhat like some parts of Melbourne or Sydney. And now to buy sake is easy. Just go to the Re Store on 231 Oxford street and you'll find a great range there. 

By the way, the liquor section is probably one of the best and most extensive in Perth with many rare whisky and brandies. Even the Hibiki 21 year old is in stock plus the Yamazaki 21 year old. Their Japanese whisky range is pretty extensive, but even their Gin collection is impressive. Go check them out.


Italian food and sake

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