What are we about? Where do we fit in?

People may wonder what is the basic aim or 'mission statement' of SuperSake? Where do we fit into the landscape of sake importers in Japan?

Well there are many different importers of sake into Australia and they each have their strategies. They broadly fall into the following categories.

1. Large (usually) Japanese companies importing very low cost well known sake from Japan, plus some ultra famous ones (some like Hakkaisan could be described as a 'Japanese Penfolds'). The cheap ones ... well ... we can't drink them. They don't (in our opinion) taste good. You see them at 7-11's in Japan. Not our cup of tea. And the expensive ones are very nice but a bit overpriced for what they are and you can generally do better. You can see them at restaurants that generally don't know much about sake or want to go with a brand name. And there's a place for that.

2. Ultra premium sake suppliers. We like these actually. Innovative, unusual, usually all nama or koshu. But too expensive for us. 

3. Quirky independants. They will bring in less well known brands (although some have concentrated on a few well known brands) that offer reasonable value whilst having sake that really tastes good. Many of these suppliers won't have nama (unpasteurised) sake because of the cost of storing it. 

So where do we fit in? Probably closest to number 3 although we have strived to get some sake that is affordable whilst still being drinkable. In our next shipment we will augment our offerings to include some of the more hard to get and rare sake simply because that is what our customers are calling for.

Unfortunately if you want to buy sake in Sydney or Melbourne from us we won't be able to supply nama at this stage. Not until we find storage facilities. But if you want to buy sake in Perth then you're in luck because our nama is stored on site and you can even come into our store and purchase (18 Glyde street Mosman Park). Ring 92847788 for more details. We even sell up to 10pm at night. 

So there you have it. What we're about. For more info email us at super@supersake.com.au. 

hourai sake shuzo takayama hida

 Micro brewery shuzo in Takayama

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