Christmas Gift Ideas

The festive season is near!

Check out our Christmas gift ideas below

Hourai Jikagumi 1.8L

From the snowy fields of Hida Furakawa to you. This sake is usually inly sold locally but we managed to persuade them to send us out a limited quantity. Would make a great gift.

Hourai Hida Junmai 720ml

It can be drunk cold as well as warmed (Hida is near the Japanese alps and endures huge snowfalls in the winter which helps to make great sake). It's not too dry on the palate but the aftertaste is not sweet. Great tasting sake at a good price.

Imada Seaside Sparkling 500ml

New larger size

 Just in time for the festive season. Move over champagne, welcome premium bottle fermented Imada Seaside Sparkling, from Japan’s most famous female Toji (head brewer) Miho Imada. An excellent match for the seafood Christmas dinner most of us are going to enjoy.

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