Hourai Sake

Currently, the 9th generation, Hisanori Watanabe, with the cooperation of Mr. Mori and Koji Kitaba, has blossomed the Hida severe winter cold brewing that has been passed down since its establishment, and now it is the 151st year of sake brewing, technical study, human resource development, traditional culture.
They are enthusiastic about the tradition.


Here in Hida the sake is all about “Joie de vivre” — living life and enjoying it to the full. Laughter is a key aspect in their life and they make their sake to be enjoyed with family and friends. Even during the sake making process this philosophy is observed by having continuous Japanese comedy soundtracks playing to entertain the feisty yeast going around its job converting the starches and sugars into alcohol. It is said that this sake will incorporate the essence of laughter and enjoyment and promote these feelings to whoever will drink it.

Whether or not this is so we can certainly attest to the great fun times we had when we went there and we can assure you that when you drink this sake you will indeed laugh (if you’re in good company). Takeshi san, reminded us of Takeshi from ‘Takeshi’s castle’ spreading his unique Japanese sense of humour at every opportunity. It’s true that every shuzo has its own personality and at Watanabe Shuzo they are a very jolly lot indeed. Even their ochoko (small sake cups) have a smiley face in the bottom.
But they are serious when it comes to making their sake. We would describe them as having a bold taste, full bodied, clean and powerful. Also present is a higher than normal level of umami especially with junmai. Able to be eaten with a large variety of foods especially sukiyaki, tempura and tofu dishes. The Irooko Daiginjo is more delicate and would suit sashimi and sushi. 

Hourai Sake Range

Hourai Irootoko Junmai Daiginjo 180ml
Hourai Irootoko Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Hourai Hatsugumi 1.8L

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