Isolated sake facts / Happy World Sake day

Isolated sake facts

Did you know that in the Edo period if the (entire) production batch of sake was spoilt the toji (master brewer) would commit suicide to atone for the mistake? In this period the toji had to rely on experience and intuition because scientific methods to check for bacteria that would spoil the batch of sake did not exist. It was in this period that Hashira shochu was added to the moromi (mash) to prevent spoilage.

If you’re in Western Australia this will interest you. The best sake list in Perth is at Tsunami in Mosman Park. (include jpg of the menu). (We’re a little biased as they mainly have our sake which we coincidently think is the best sake in Perth, hence the list).

Happy world sake day!

Happy world sake day. What are you drinking today? Nihonshu wise that is. And where will you buy sake if you live in Melbourne Perth Sydney or Brisbane? Online or in a store?

We can only speak about what we have been drinking ourselves.

The chef (Tetsuya). He's into easy to drink nihonshu right now. His favourites are Koshigoi junmai and Hida no tambo junmai from Hourai I.e. Watanabe shuzo in Hida, Gifu.

For Haruna who sells sake at Tsunami Japanese restaurant, one of SuperSake's biggest customers, she is recommending the Shusen junmai from Eikoo in Ehime. This is especially good warmed and with the unusual cold spell in Perth (the coldest September on record) very easy to drink. It's water is soft and a departure from the more common hard minerals water present in the styles of Niigata.

In Hihou the famous Japanese lounge bar in Melbourne they are drinking lots of daiginjo especially the Hourai Irootoko and, one of our favourite sake, the Kinmon X3 'Rose' junmai which is made from a rare red rice and blended with a tiny bit of koshu nihonshu. This has to be tasted to be appreciated. One of Melbourne's best sake bars here. And with one of the biggest ranges.

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