New In Mini Sake's: Pocket Rocket Sake From Okayama!

We have back in stock four different small format 300ml sake from Gozenshu

These all vary due to rice polishing rates, style, and different rice variety. It is good to buy the set to see the differences.

Gozenshu Manetsu Tokubetsu Junmai 300ml $15.99

If you drink this sake chilled, it will have a refreshing and crisp taste, and if you drink it warm you will taste the umami of the rice. This is a sake you enjoy with your meal with a taste that you will not get tired of drinking.

Rice used | Okayama Prefecture Rice 100%
Rice polishing rate | 60%
Alcohol degree | 15 degrees
Sake degree | 5.0 (slightly dry)
Acidity / amino acid degree | 1.50 / 1.40
Gozenshu Mimasaka Junmai 300ml $17.80


The great thing about this sake is that when it is cooled, it feels refreshing but when it is lukewarm, it changes to a deep and savory taste. This is the one you want to drink according to your cooking and mood.

Received the Honor Award for 8 consecutive years at the "Hiroshima National Tax Bureau Sake Appraisal" and "Kanzake Category".

Received the Omachi Rice Summit 2016 Honor Award.

Rice used | Omachi
Rice polishing rate | 65%
Alcohol degree | 14 degrees
Sake degree | 5.0 (slightly dry)
Acidity / amino acid degree |1.40 / 1.30


Gozenshu Nyoisan Junmai Ginjo 300ml  $23.00

Nyoisan uses Yamada Nishiki rice that is cultivated in Okayama prefecture and polished to 55%. Thissake has a mellow aroma and a clean aftertaste.

"Nyoiyama" is the name of the mountain at the back of the brewery

Rice used | 100% Yamada Nishiki from Okayama Prefecture
Rice polishing rate | 55%
Alcohol degree | 15 degrees
Sake degree | 3.0 (slightly dry)
Acidity / amino acid degree | 1.70 / 1.20


Gozenshu Kei 300ml $29.98

Elegant and refreshing aroma brewed with Omachi rice, rich and dry Junmai Daiginjo. Enjoy hot or cold serve with flat fish, sashimi or tofu.

Rice used | Okayama Prefecture Omachi Rice

Rice polishing rate | 50%

Alcohol degree 16 degrees or more and less than 17 degrees

Sake degree 5.0

Acidity / amino acid degree | 1.40 / 0.80

Received a gold medal at the National Kanzake Contest 2020 "Premium Kanzake Category"

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