New Shipment Arrives.


It’s January and our latest shipment has arrived.

This shipment restocks all the favourites that we ran out of (or almost ran out of) and brings some new lines and products.

  1. Japanese beer

We are very pleased to be able to offer for the first time in Australia the fine range of Yamaguchi Kogan beer. They have been making beer for many years and some of them have won international awards (the stout). I met Nakagawa san in Osaka early last year in Osaka and he introduced me to the great fresh taste of Yamaguchi. I was immediately impressed by the Weizen with it’s super taste. Their production is small and we’re not sure that they export anywhere else in the world but this is definitely a first for them.

They make a Weizen, Pale Ale, Pilsner and a Stout. The stout is quite a light stout which appeals to many including our barber at the top of the street :-)

Unfortunately sales to the public will be limited to SuperSake’s ‘bricks and mortar’ store located at the front of Tsunami Japanese restaurant at 18 Glyde street Mosman park. We can’t post them to Sydney or even metro Perth, however our wholesale team is selling cartons to restaurants and bottle shops all over Perth and also you can buy this Japanese beer in Melbourne at selected restaurants (we think Izakaya Den and Hihou).

2. Japanese Whisky.

Our sales of Kirin Tarajuku cask strength non chill filtered are going strong (Nonjatta, in our opinion the best Japanese whisky blog in the world, has rated it the best blend of whisky in Japan for 2016) and we almost sold out of Nikka Miyagikyo so we have restocked that. But we have added to our stable Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt, Nikka Yoichi and Suntory ‘The Chita’.

There is so much to say about these whiskies but I’ll leave it for a later blog

3. Imada and Yoikigen shuzo.

These 2 new sake breweries are both in the south of Japan and are based on softer water. Again we’ll have to leave it for a later blog but suffice to say that Imada sakes are very high quality, and Yoikigen has good quality but especially a good price for a sake using Omachi rice (the queen of sake rices). We know we can always get a cheap sake that is cheap in price but they never seem to taste good. And since we drink all the sakes we bring in we don’t want to bring in nasty ones, and believe we, we’ve tasted some shockers. We won’t mention any names but suffice to say we think life is too short to drink cheap plonk.

Don’t you?

More next time about these product.

And one more thing. We brought in the top of the range of the Katsuyama sake (but we aren't mentioning it much because we only have about 6 bottles of each but if you’re looking for a sake for the person who has everything, and if money is not a problem, then these are for you).

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