Perth Japanese restaurant sake list

Perth Japanese restaurant sake list

If you are looking for The best Japanese restaurant in Perth for Sake list then we recommend Tsunami Japanese Restaurant

Perth best Japanese restaurant for sake

With over 60 different sake in different sizes you can sample nihonshu from all over Japan. The prefectures represented are Okayama, Gifu, Chiba, Aichi, Ehime, Tokushima, Tochigi, Akita, Fukushima, Hiroshima.

There are also many shochu there with special imo shochu from Kagoshima. 

Also Japanese whisky is well represented with the Yamazaki, Hibiki, Nikka and other brands.

Sake Store

There is a sake store within the restaurant which has the added bonus of you being able to purchase a bottle of sake like in a sake liquor store and take it home. After you have tasted it. How good is that?

Sake professionals are always on hand to answer your questions about sake. You can ask about the different production techniques from kimoto to yamahai to sokoju.


Because they directly import their sake into Perth they are able to source a large range of 'nama' (unpasteurised) sake. If you were going to buy one type of Japanese sake it should be this style. Fresh, vibrant and dynamic it is one to be tasted for sure.

So in summary, if you are looking for the best sake menu in Perth Japanese restaurant have a look at Tsunami, in 18 Glyde street Mosman Park. To book click on the link below.

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