Sake and Terroir

Does location matter with sake in the same way as it does with wine ?

Yes, Japanese sake can taste different depending on where the rice used in its production was harvested. The flavour of sake is influenced by various factors, and the quality of the rice and its place of origin are significant contributors. But because Japanese sake is such a high intervention product basically the sake, Brewer can override many of these factors to produce a very different taste.

However, with this series, the Sake Brewer has endeavoured to keep the process the same, and only let the region of the rice differ in order for you to taste what exactly is the difference between Sake from one region to the other. Needless to say, it is a fascinating exercise for those who are truly into their Japanese sake, and want to find out more.

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Gozenshu’s sake embodies a clear-cut taste contrary to the sake produced in the southern part of Okayama.

Soichiro Tsuji

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