SuperSake Sake Festival at Tsunami

 Sake festival

SuperSake Sake Festival at Tsunami

Over the weekend we had a sake festival on the premises at Tsunami with over 60 different sake for tasting and sale. 

It started at noon and went to 5 PM both days. Some of the standout sake that was sold was the nama (un pasteurised sake).

Hourai Irootoko Playboy sake

It was one of the busiest sake festivals that we have ever had. Over the course of two days we had roughly 800 people coming in to sample sake and Japanese whiskey not to mention all kinds of plum and yuzu wine. The Gozenshu Yuzushu was popular and keenly priced  so promptly sold out. Next year we will have to order a lot more :-)

This year we had a lot of fruit liqueur. From many different shuzos. Kinmon (Akita), Kounotsukasa (Aichi), Gozenshu (Okayama) and Eikoo (Ehime). New this year was here in Japanese whiskey. Many people that tasting it and we sold a lot of bottles. Also one sake and everybody seem to love was the chicken you cannot kill me and me Hun shoes not dead. This wonderful sake with AIDS sweet start and slightly tart finish went down very well with all the printers. 

We were surprised by how much food we sold. Very popular and was the okonomiyaki sticks and because it was such a cold day Japanese curry was well received and devoured. Yakitori chicken was a hit (when ever is it not?) and there were a lot of sushi rolls to go around courtesy of Tsunami's excellent chefs.

Another thing that surprised us was the amount of couples coming with children. The children didn't drink anything of course but the parents certainly did. It was great to see mothers with babies in their arms having a look and tasting sake and plum wine. 

Overall it was a great success. We can't wait to have our next one (which we probably will in another 3 to 4 months). If you're interested please in email us and we will put your name on the list to be contacted when the next festival comes up. If you want to buy sake in Perth the cheapest way to buy is to come to a festival and get the bargains (usually around an hour before the end). 

So if you are interested in where to buy sake in Perth or indeed Sydney or Melbourne or anywhere else then please let us know. 

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Please add me to the list to be contacted when the next SuperSake Sake Festival is on. Thanks so much Michelle

Michelle Black January 09, 2018

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