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We have some new sakes from Taiheizan and some old favourites, including a limited amount of their premium range.

Taiheizan 55 Junmai Ginjo. This is a great new innovative sake from the pioneers of Akita style kimoto sake. It blends sakes in the same way that wines are blended which enables the toji (head brewer) a greater amount of control over the final sake. This well polished sake combines different rices also. And the price for a quality kimoto (hand made) sake is excellent value.

We have some of the regular style Junmai ginjo ‘Chogetsu’ also if you want to try against this to see what difference blending makes.

For Junmai lovers the well priced Shingetsu is back, made in the same style and using same rice as the popular Taiheizan Kimoto but sourcing it’s water from a nearby national park instead of underground springs near the brewery.

For those with yen to splash the seriously well crafted show style multi award winning Juhonen Daiginjo is back with the light perfumed note and extremely soft taste. Again, limited numbers so it will sell out fast.





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