Togai Sake and Gozenshu

"Togai" in the context of Japanese sake refers to a classification of sake rice. Specifically, "等外" (Togai) translates to "below standard" or "out of grade," indicating that the rice does not meet certain criteria for being classified as top-grade sake rice. This term can be part of a product name or description to indicate that the sake was made with rice that, while not reaching the highest standards for sake brewing rice, still produces a unique and often very palatable sake.

In the realm of sake, rice quality and classification play a significant role in defining the flavor profile and quality of the final product. Even rice deemed Togai can be used to craft sake with distinct characteristics, and some breweries embrace this as a part of their product identity, potentially highlighting the unique flavors and qualities that can come from rice not classified as premium. This approach allows for a diverse range of sake products, and it can often challenge the perceptions of what makes a high-quality sake.

We are bringing in on our next shipment some togai sake from Gozenshu. It has a rice polishing ratio of 50% and because it's togai it will be extremely well priced for the quality it is. Be sure to watch out for it. And remember whenever you want to buy sake in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Australia (anywhere) have a look at SuperSake.  

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