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The best selling sake from last month was:

Kinmon X3 Rose

Red rice and rice malt bring out a subtle sweetness and adds a rosy colour. Has a natural but subdued sweetness to it. Sasaki san, the shacho of Kinmon, is respectfully known in Akita as 'King of Koshu' and his sake and plum wine are renown throughout the world.

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Hints of earth and peach, a touch of strawberry cream, hints of pepper and rose. Lightly acidic with wine like finish, beautifully complex and a long finish. A savoury back palate. Sake made with three applications of Koji rather than the usual one, seldom used by most sake makers. Pair with meat, vegetables & spicy cuisine.

Sasaki San introducing his sake
(Kinmon X3 Rose)

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We want to maximize the “umami” of rice, which is the essence of sake. And we want to expand the possibilities as a sake to
accompany a meal by combining it with the taste of the meal.

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