Gozenshu 9 Yuzusake 1800ml


Made with junmai sake using the ancient bodaimoto technique and fresh, zesty whole yuzus. The rich tasting sake bring certain texture. Aromatic yuzu liqueur with sweet-sour flavour which is irresistible.

Lush, rich and sweet yuzu liqueur with deep flavour, nicely balanced with great astringency. Suitable as an aperitif, dessert wine or simply enjoyed at the end of a long day!

The Specs

Brewery: Tsuji Co.,Ltd
Brand: Gozenshu
Region: Okayama
Classification: Yuzushu
Item Code: GZNS-48
%ALC/VOL: 9%
Net Volume: 1800mL
Standard Drinks: 12.7
Serving Temperature Tip: Slightly chilled, on ice or mix

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