Masumi Yuzushu 300ml


New / Limited

Made with yuzu citrus juice, sugar, and Masumi Sumi Shochu. Refreshing and delicious! Yuzu, the magic citrus freshening up many Japanese dishes, plays the starring role in this sweet & tangy, delightfully aromatic liqueur. Great as an aperitif, or after a meal. Wonderful with dark chocolate desserts.

The Specs

Name: "Yuzushu" Yuzu Liqueur
Capacity: 300ml
Item code: MAS-21
Alcohol Percentage: 14.0% ( 3.31 std drinks)
Type: Liqueur
Availability: Year-round
Ingredients: Masumi Sumi Shochu, yuzu citrus juice, sugar
How to drink: Straight, rocks, mixed with sparkling water
Storage: Cool and dark
Region: Nagano, Japan

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