Imada Fukucho Junmai Hattanso 1800ml

Imada Fukucho Hattan-so Junmai Ginjo

Made from 100% Hattan-so, Hiroshima's historic sake rice, this is our signature brand representing the soft water brewing method for which our home region is famous. It was also brewed with the aim of bringing out the maximum potential of flavours from the rice, displaying the unique characteristics of this ancient heirloom strain. Despite boasting plentiful umami richness, it also has a sharp, crisp finish.

One unusual aspect of this sake is that the rice used for making koji was actually polished to 50% (dainginjo level) as opposed to the 60% required for ginjo classification. This was a creative decision from our Master Brewer in order to achieve the elegant profile she was aiming for. In keeping with other Fukucho ginjo products, it was brewed slowly at low temperatures to allow the delicate aromas ample time to develop.

As this is one of the richest tasting sake in our ginjo line-up, we recommend pairing it with a great variety of foods. Cheese, and cheese based dishes, are a great pairing, with oysters,

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The Specs

Description: SAKE
Classification: Junmai Ginjo
Capacity: 1800ml
Item code: IM-21
Alcohol Percentage; 15%
Standard drinks: 21 std drinks
Place of Production: Hiroshima, Japan

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