Gozenshu Sumiya Yahei Junmai 1800ml

Gozenshu Sumiya Yahei. When head chef Tomo and I heard they were still making Sumiya Yahei it was like a dream come true. We thought it was discontinued but evidently not. We love it for its unique flavour. Tasty clean finish with sharp rice flavour. A pure rice sake with a mild acidity and a crisp throat where you can feel the great umami of Omachi rice.

The suitable temperature for drinking is cold, room temperature or hot.
It's recommended with yakitori and steamed clams. The rice used is 100% Omachi with polished rate of 65%. (The Junmai ginjo polish rate is 55%). The alcohol percentage for both is 15% and the SMV is 4 so it's slightly dry.

The Specs

Description: SAKE
Classification: Junmai
Capacity: 1800ml
Alcohol Percentage: 15%
Standard Drinks: 21.3 std drinks
SMV: 4
Item Code: GZNS-09
Ingredients: Rice, 100% Omachi
Rice polishing rate: 65%
Temperature for drinking: Is cold, room temperature or lukewarm
Place of Production:

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