Imada Fukucho Junmai Ginjo Hattanso Muroka Genshu 720ml


The nose is replete with fermentation, lavender and hazelnut. Flavour of honey, walnut, pineapple with a sweet slightly spicy aftertaste.

This sake is perfectly suited to match oysters and most simply cooked seafood (grilled with olive oil or teriyaki etc, not in butter or other rich sauces).

The Specs

Brewery: Imada Brewery
Brand: Fukucho
Region: Hiroshima
Classification: Junmai Daiginjo
Item Code: IM-02
%ALC/VOL: 16%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 9.09
Rice: Hattanso
Rice Polishing Rate: 55%
SMV: +3
Serving Temperature Tip: Cold

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