Kinmon Shizuku Silver Aged Umeshu Plum Wine (10 year old) 720ml


This plum liqueur is made by infusing the finest Japanese plums into a sake that has been aged for 10 years exhibiting complex aromas and honey characters. Made with only the best Nanko Ume which are special in the sense that sourness and sweetness are both high and well balanced.

Kinmon is recognized for their koshu which is well exhibited in this umeshu bringing subtle complexity. Having found their unique aged sake (koshu) in hand, which can be found nowhere else, Kinmon opted to create the best plum sake in the same way.

Pair with cheeses, dishes using fruit.

The Specs

Brewery: Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd
Brand: Kinmon
Region: Akita
Classification: Plum wine
Item Code: KIN-01
%ALC/VOL: 14%
Net Volume: 720mL
Standard Drinks: 7.95
Serving Temperature Tip: Slightly chilled

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