Kojika Imo Shochu (white koji) 720ml


Strong distinctive sweet potato ('imo') flavour, drink with half water and half shochu (recommended).

Kagoshima, situated at the base of the southernmost island of Japan, 'Kyushu', produces the best (some say) imo shochu in Japan, in addition to their famous 'kurobuta' black pork and wagyu beef. In fact there are no sake breweries to speak of in Kagoshima. This is a classic style and while a bit more expensive than the other rice and buckwheat based shochu is generally considered superior.

Food recommendation: Kurobuta pork shabu shabu, grilled steak, tempura.

From the brewery ...

"It's best to serve sweet potato shochu warm but oyuwari is less of a hassle. First, pour hot water in a glass. If making a 5 : 5 ratio oyuwari, cool the water temperature to between 80°C to 90°C (176F to 194F). Next, pour in Shochu Kojika. The temperature of oyuwari should be between 40°C to 50°C (104F to 122F). You can adjust the temperature to be the same when you‚re making 6 : 4 or 7 : 3 ratios.

As for the water, it's best to boil mineral or spring water and it comes in handy to have a thermos when preparing oyuwari.

Served with water and / or On the Rocks
Shochu Kojika is better when served a little strong. If too much water is added it might taste a bit weak and you could wind up drinking more than you intended to.

Okan (Warmed)
Same as the term atsukan used for warm sake
Use a 5 : 5 ratio of shochu and water. Warm it to 50°C (122 F), which is referred to as atsukan when warming sake. Rather than the strong alcohol taste of oyuwari, this preparation enhances the rich sweetness of Shochu Kojika.

The Specs

Brewery: Kojika Co Ltd
Brand: Kojika
Region: Kagoshima
Classification: Shochu
Item Code: KOJ-01
%ALC/VOL: 25%
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 14.2
Serving Tip: On the rocks with cold water or serve with hot water. We also recommend that you try it with half a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder and cold or hot water. This is a popular method of drinking in Japan.

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