Kounotsukasa Daiginjo Kanzuijikomi 300ml


Kounotsukasa Ieyasu and Kanzui jikomi. We really enjoyed “Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan” (a documentary television series, distributed by Netflix). It takes place in feudal Japan from 1551 to 1616, during the final phase of the Sengoku period (The Age of Warring States), mainly the Azuchi–Momoyama period.

In it is mentioned a warrior Ieyasu who is from the region of Okazaki where Kounotsukasa lies. They have made a special sake to commemorate him and like him it is strong and of regal bearing. Daiginjo sake are different too their junmai counterparts in that a small amount of Brewers alcohol has been added sometimes in the final moromi just before pressing to more completely dissolve the mash. It is also added to give a better aroma and a lighter taste. Most show sake that are awarded gold and platinum medals out of this type. They are usually always expensive and some would argue are the pinnacle of Japanese sake. We recommend you try this and watch the Netflix series whilst you drink it.

The Specs

Description: ARUTEN
Capacity: 300ml
Item code: KNTKS-33
Alcohol Percentage: 15% ( 3.55 std drinks)
Ingredients: Rice, Yamadanishiki
Polishing Rate: 40%
SMV: + 2.0
Place of Production: Aichi, Japan

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