Masumi Yuzushu 300ml




Made with yuzu citrus juice, sugar, and Masumi Sumi Shochu. Refreshing and delicious! Yuzu, the magic citrus freshening up many Japanese dishes, plays the starring role in this sweet & tangy, delightfully aromatic liqueur. Great as an aperitif, or after a meal. Wonderful with dark chocolate desserts.

The Specs

Name: "Yuzushu" Yuzu Liqueur
Capacity: 300ml
Item code: MAS-21
Alcohol Percentage: 14.0% ( 3.31 std drinks)
Type: Liqueur
Availability: Year-round
Ingredients: Masumi Sumi Shochu, yuzu citrus juice, sugar
How to drink: Straight, rocks, mixed with sparkling water
Storage: Cool and dark
Region: Nagano, Japan

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