Niigata Meijo

Niigata Meijo Echigoya Sobe Junmai 720ml

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A quality sake at an affordable price. Warm this sake for drinking this winter.

Light and dry, easy to drink. If you are into dry and light sake, Niigata produces some of the best in the world. The rice used is the famous Gohyakumangoku which is native to Niigata and used extensively.

Niigata reputably has the highest snowfall in the world (sometimes 30m) which makes for ideal sake making conditions. The low temperatures greatly prohibit the proliferation of bad bacteria strains that hinder the making of good sake. It also has perfect terrain for the cultivation of rice used to make sake. This combination has resulted in one of the highest number of sake producers for any prefecture in Japan, rivalling Fushimi (Kyoto) and Akita as well as Hyogo.

Goes well with Sashimi, Raw Oysters, Grilled Salmon, Chawan-Mushi, Sushi.

The Specs

Brewery: Niigata Meijo
Brand: Koshino Kanchubai
Region: Niigata
Classification: Junmai Ginjo
Item Code: NIM-04
Alcohol 15% (8 standard drinks)
Net Volume: 720ml
Standard Drinks: 8.5
Rice: Niigata Ken Rice
Rice Polishing Rate: 68%
Serving Temperature: Very nice warmed. Can be had cold also but we would recommend atsu-kan, around 47-50°C, or 'Jokan' (warm) at 45°C.

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